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Portable Analyser

Geotech's G100 is a portable analyser designed to monitor CO2 and O2 for the verification of incubators. The G100 provides the user with a fast, simple to use and accurate piece of laboratory kit. The key benefit of using the G100 is the ability to take simultaneous CO2, O2, relative humidity and temperature readings.


Improved accuracy on CO2 readings
Optional extra gases: measures O2 (0-100%); dual temperature probe (0-50 degrees C); humidity sensor (0-100%)
Large data storage and data download available for all your readings
Dual temperature probes help you to adjust the temperature to stabilise conditions within your incubator and helps you analyse temperature variation


Battery type                  Li Ion                                       

Battery life                   12 hours (10 hours with pump)                               

Battery lifetime              600 cycles    

Battery charger             5Vdc external power supply and internal charging circuit                   

Charge time                 4 hours

Alternative power          5Vdc power supply         

Weight                       495 grams

Size                           L 165mm, W 100mm, D 55mm

Case material              ABS / polypropylene with silicone rubber inserts

Keys                           17 resin capped silicone rubber keys

Display                       Liquid crystal display, 128 x 64 pixel With RGB LED back-light

Gas sample filters         Built-in gas dryer tube to remove moisture User replaceable PTFE water trap filter                             

Rapid response- reading in under 1 minute
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