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For Kistock RF Data Loggers

KNT 310 Data Collector

KNT 310 Data collector allows you to collect measurements from one or more Kistock RF Devices

For Kistock RF Data loggers

Communication checker KTC-RF

Kimo's KTC-RF is an instrument that allows users to test the reception signal between the tester and a BK-RF communication base or between the tester and a network KPR-RF extender.

KSP Type Stand

KSP Type Stand

In galva, it allows to fasten temperature devices (portable or data logger) to the probe, making the measurement easier. Possibility to fasten it with KISTOCK KAV anti-theft support or magnetic mounted protective cover. Factory-mounted.

For Kistock RF data loggers

Ethernet – RF gateway KPE-RF

KPE-RF devices are RF – Ethernet gateways allowing to extend the radio frequency network of the Kistock-RF sytem using an existing Ethernet network or using a network specifically created for this installation.

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For Kistock Data Loggers

KNT 320 Data Collector

Kimo's KNT 320 provides data storage and recovery for Kistock data loggers.


Kit containing galva support (KSP) for compost probes. Possibility to fasten it with KISTOCK KAV anti-theft support or magnetic mounted protective cover and mounting accessories. For mounting after delivery.

For Kistock RF data loggers

Wall mount anti-theft device

Kimo has a wall mount anti-theft device with a padlock. The system makes it possible to secure your Kistock data logger in sensitive sites.

Alarm box KAL-RF

Kimo's alarm box is a module connected to a main power source with an LED and sound alarm. It contains a relay output that is configured and managed by the computer via the BK-RF base and the Kilog RF software according to any data logger channel.

For Kistock data loggers class 220 / 320
For Kistock RF data loggers

Communication base BK-RF

Kimo's BK-RF and Kilog RF software are the perfect recorders for the Kistock range. They enable the settings of a recorder network, can configure the Kistocks remotely, and recover the data remotely.

Accessories for Data Loggers

For Kistock RF data loggers

Network extender KPR-RF

Kimo's extender device allows you to extend the radio signal for a Kistock RF by 300 m.

Gateway/4G Gateway for LoRa®-Powered Data Loggers

The Gateway for LoRa®-powered Data-Loggers harnesses the power of the LoRaWAN™ protocol to provide deep in-building penetration and connectivity to numerous TrackLog devices.

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