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Multifunction sensor

Kimo’s C 310 is a multifunction sensor with interchangeable probes. It can display and measure four parameters simultaneously.

Slim and elegant Design
Audible and Visible Alarms
Outputs diagnostic
Touchscreen Display
Can monitor and display up to 6 separate parameters
Supports 3 rooms giving up to 6 separate parameters for each room


Parameters                                        7" Touchscreen Display

Dimensions                                       197.12 x 113.3 x 40.3 mm (including standoffs)                                 

Weight                                            1.09 pound or 17 .44 ounce

10 finger capacitive touch

Ethernet communication                       Yes

Modbus network                                Yes

Calculate the rate of air change by inserting the size of the room in
cubic feet through the following equation:
ACH = CFM x 60 / Room Size ft³
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