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Airflow measuring blades

Airflow measuring blades are often used to provide air flow measurement in laboratories, air conditioning systems, air flow test rigs, fume extraction and exhaust systems, and vacuum cleaning systems.

Kimo’s DEBIMO measuring blades are a simple and cost effective method of providing permanent air flow measurement.

Ensure accurate indication, control or recording of airflow velocity and volume
Permit velocity measurements from 0 to 40 m/s
Airfoil section limiting differential heads (<3%) and turbulences
Distribution of the measurement apertures on the airfoil permitting the medium air flow control (average of the differential pressures)
Multiple sizes available
Anodic oxidising for harsh environments


Units                                               Pa, m/s

Measuring Ranges

Vitesse                                            0.00 m/s ... 40.00 m/s

Débit                                              0.00 m³/h ... 99999.00 m³/h





Parameters                                        Air velocity, Airflow

Bluetooth                                          No

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