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Clamp on Tester

This ammeter was developed for the indirect detection of AC / DC currents as well as the frequency. A non-contact voltage tester function and a torch for illuminating the measuring point were also integrated in this ammeter. The small dimensions of this ampere pliers, allow use in hard to reach places. The large illuminated display of the ampere measuring instrument ensures a very good readability even in dark places, such as in control cabinets and cable ducts. The non-contact voltage tester not only helps you identify dangerous potentials, but also provides you with an accurate tool for finding broken wire positions.

 3 2/3-digit LCD display, backlit, DC clamp
 AC / DC current, AC voltage and frequency measurement
Measured value memory function, DCA zero point function, non-contact voltage tester
 Integrated measuring point illumination
Automatic range selection


AC current (50 / 60Hz)

Area                                                 200 A

Resolution                                   100-mA

Accuracy                                       ± 3.0% + 8dgt

DC power

Area                                                200 A

Resolution                                  100-mA

Accuracy                                      ± 2.8% + 8dgt

AC voltage test                       100V AC to 600V AC 50/60 Hz
(contactless test)


Area                                               40 ... 50 Hz

Resolution                                  0.01 Hz

Accuracy                                     ± 1.2% + 5dgt

Area                                               51 ... 510 Hz

Resolution                                  0.1 Hz

Accuracy                                     ± 1.2% + 3dgt

Area                                               0.51 ... 1 kHz

Resolution                                  0.001 kHz

Accuracy                                      ± 1.2% + 3dgt


Measuring point                     white LED


Conductor diameter            18 mm max.

Display                                         3 2/3 digit LCD display,
                                                         with white LED, backlit,

Care                                              2 x 1.5V AAA battery

Casing                                          PVC

Dimensions                              155 x 66 x 31 mm / 6.1 x 2.6 x 1.2 in

Weight                                         155 g / < 1 lb

Standardization                      EN61010-1; CAT II / 600V
                                                         EN61010-2-032; CAT III / 300V


Automatic switch-off
Incl. ISO calibration certificate
Pliers opening: 18 mm
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