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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Handheld SI-AQ Pro also can be customized to support whatever specific type of toxic gas sensor(s) a warehouse air quality testing professional may need

The SI-AQ VOC Monitor is the ideal instrument for you should your specific application require testing for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or potentially harmful gasses.

The Si-AQ Comfort is our basic indoor air quality monitor, meant for use in homes, schools and other public work spaces. 

The Si-AQ Expert is the ideal tool for testing indoor air quality in warehouses and office buildings.

Si-AQ Pro
Si-AQ VOC Monitor
Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
Si-AQ Comfort
Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
Si-AQ Expert
Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Silent, fast & energy-efficient, the Si-AQ Bluetooth® Printer thermal printer allows to print clearly and efficiently. Small and light, the Si-AQ Bluetooth® printer is easy to transport.

  • Bluetooth® thermal printer

  • 2000 mAh 3.7 mV Li-polymer rechargeable battery

  • Sleep mode and automatic shut-off

  • Easy paper reload

Bluetooth® Printer
Mobile Thermal Printer

Air Quality


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